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Web Hosting

Our web hosting service covers everything from storing the files that power your website on a secure server, creating 100% safe back-ups, protect you from hacking, to the networking connectivity that enables the world to see it. All ultrafast and super secure. Our web hosting service is the best home for your website to live and grow.


Video Production

Whether you want to put your business on camera or would like to relay a message through animated graphics and text or sell a yacht or sell a holiday trip, we can create an attention-grabbing video that your target audience will love.

Graphic Design

Our team use colours, typography and imagery creatively to help you communicate with your target audience more effectively. As part of Kind One digital agency, our graphic design team can help strengthen your company branding by creating digital and printed marketing material which will leave a lasting impression with your clients.


Search Engine Optimisation. We all know that Google is king in today’s globe. With almost all of our inquiries, we turn to the search platform. It’s no surprise, therefore, that everyone is doing everything they can to make their content searchable on Google. That’s exactly what SEO is: the process of optimising your content so that it appears higher in search results.



Our branding and creative team are experts at changing the game in the world of yachting. Kind One yacht branding services focus on sparking the right conversation, and our team excels at building brand identities.


Your Online Shop. We offer E-commerce development to clients who are looking for a way to maximise sales by creating enjoyable online shopping experiences for their customers.

Web Design

Good web design requires intuitive navigation combined with useful and relevant content with effective calls to action that will ultimately generate you more business. As a web design agency with many years of experience, we work across many sectors including retail, yachting, cars, construction, workshops, property, financial services, consulting, media & communications.

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