As a leading branding agency with a special focus on the maritime business, we can help strengthen your company’s image by creating a brand identity that encompasses the core values and unique benefits of your product or service. Your brand identity design needs to be positioned correctly in the marketplace in order to attract the right client and that’s where we can help.

How do you know if yourbrand identity design requires updating?

Many businesses become attached to their branding identity design. Think hard. When was the brand identity last updated? Does it appear tired like something from a previous decade? If that’s the case then it’s probably time for a change.

As a branding agency we notice how brands change over the years. Years ago many brand identities incorporated a lot of graphic elements which may of looked great on a printed letterhead but these designs didn’t translate well to digital platforms. These days a London branding agency needs to consider how your brand will look on a smart phone or within an app.

Every business evolves over time. Your brand identity design when it was first conceived would of successfully communicated the objectives of your company. As time moves on, businesses change shape and direction. What seemed like the perfect branding identity design concept for your business a few years ago may now not be suitable.


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